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Outreach & Education

Community Workshops

Linguistically and culturally appropriate education for New Mainer Communities

  • Lead Poisoning Prevention in partnership with Healthy Androscoggin

  • Financial literacy in partnership with Maine Community Credit Union

  • Gun violence dialogues with Lewiston Police Department

  • Suicide prevention










We provide education for individuals and families and train community leaders, including religious centers, on how to offer resources in their own circles.  


Preventing child abuse, exploitation, and trafficking


Keeping our youth safe by raising awareness

Maine Community Integration develops the Iska-Jir program which puts focus on educating New Mainer Youth about human trafficking, how to recognize it, and how to take action.

Through this program, the youth will:

●      Develop skills to safely navigate situations

●      Learn about community resources and exploitative situations


 Preventing Substance Use Disorders

Focusing on the prevention of substance use disorders

With the Is-Kaashi Program, Maine Community Integration aims to provide culturally-sensitive approaches to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors as a way to prevent substance use disorders.  

  • This program focuses on opioid use and also includes tobacco use prevention and cessation

  •  Learn skills to keep families strong and support their well-being







Mobile Outreach

Door-to-door supports

for emergency response

We also work with institutions to provide training on the unique needs of New Mainers

Our partners include:

  • Nonprofits

  • Bates College

  • Schools

  • Family and Criminal Courts

  • Law Enforcement

  • City Agencies

  • Community Leaders

  • Religious and Community Organizations

  • Mosques

  • Community Centers

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