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Maine Community Integration focuses on empowering New Mainer girls and their families through a variety of social education and systems advocacy programs.

Our Staff


Fowsia Musse

Executive Director


Elizabeth Haffey

Development Director


Ashley Medina

Program Coordinator


Abdi Abdalla

Assistant Director


Koos Mohamed

Youth Coordinator

Our Location

Our services focus on the greater Lewiston/Auburn area with a wide range of support to state and local organizations. Our programs and services reflect current interests and needs identified with the New Mainer community.

If you have more questions about what our organization is all about, we invite you to contact our team at 207-777-4765.

We also offer the following Fee-Based Services:

  • Cultural Consideration and Implicit Bias Training

  • Providing cultural consideration and implicit bias workshops and training for institutions, organizations, and service providers throughout the state

  • Interpretation and Translation Consultation Services

  • Services for both public and private clients throughout the state of Maine offered for languages of:

  • Somali

  • French

To help us in the implementation of our programs, you can donate, sponsor or volunteer today. You may speak with our team at 207-777-4765 to know more about the programs we provide.

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